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All women go through a style rut at one time or another. Many think that they have nothing to wear as they stare at a closet full of clothes, if you feel like that take a look at Fur Source to find new fur clothes. Others feel bored of their beauty routine and overall look. Some feel like they have no person or occasion to look good for.

The good news? You don’t need to go under the knife or get a $500 haircut to revamp your look. There are many simple yet effective things that women can do in order to feel great about their appearance, none of which need to involve spending big bucks.

Item 1Black is fabulous, but too much black or other dark color in one outfit can be rather gloomy. Do avoid the Morticia Adams look by balancing out black with bright colors. If you are going through a wardrobe rut, go with a color that you don’t wear very often or buy a garment in a color that is not yet represented in your closet.

Womens V Neck Tee ($12.50, Old Navy) Ruched Babydoll Tube Dress ($22.50, Wet Seal)

Item 2Just one chunky bracelet or ring can be enough to liven up an outfit and, more importantly, your mood. Even if you’re wearing something super casual, a little bit of glitz never hurts. I find this type of accessorizing with statement jewelry to be most effective when I’m in need of some cheering up. I may be feeling down in the dumps, but at least I know my hands look fantastic in that to-die-for ring.

Rectangle Gem Ring ($8, Wet Seal)

Bellefleur Ring ($12, Aldo)
Haddrodd Ring ($15, Aldo)

Item 3Sitting at home all day in pajamas and with no makeup on is great way to relax every once in a while. But if you spend long periods of time at home on a regular basis, don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your looks because you don’t have somewhere to be.

Charlize theron uses a deep red to make her lips the focal point

Charlize theron uses a deep red to make her lips the focal point

Eyeliner in bright blues and greens can make your eyes pop

Eyeliner in bright blues and greens can instantly make your eyes pop

Taking care of yourself does not have to mean putting on a full face of makeup. Accentuating just one feature, by applying your favorite color of eyeliner or shadow or putting on lipstick, takes only a minute or two but can be enough to make you feel infinitely better.

Item 4Many women admit to feeling their sexiest and most confident when they are wearing heels. With that said, who says beautiful shoes are only for special occasions? Don’t save them for the gala that is six months away. Wear your favorite pair of jewel-accented heels with jeans and a blazer or a simple dress. Think of it as jewelry for your feet, which, like you, deserve to look their best every day.

Pelle Moda 'Irina' Sandal ($76.90, Nordstrom) J. Renee 'Whirl' Wedge Sandal ($89.95, Nordstrom) Via Spiga 'Dallas' Sandal ($119.90, Nordstrom)

Item 5In my case, with the arrival of each season come endless, and often torturous, musings and contemplations about updating my hairstyle. However, I usually chicken out at the last minute due to fear of committing myself to a drastic change or because I feel limited by my budget.

If this sounds familiar, remind yourself that there are lots of cute DIY hairstyles that require no cutting or dying–and hence no spending. They can provide you with some much needed change and freshen up your look, while saving you from investing in a radical style that you will hate next week. Examples include this season’s cult-favorite side braid, which many celebs are sporting now, or pinning a flower into a low, side ponytail. Find high quality sheepskin clothes from https://www.sheepskintown.com/.

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