Bringing Back Brooches: Using the Old to Make Things New

My black pea coat and my maroon slouchy beanie are two items that I’ve been wearing nonstop since it got cold. Eventually, I started noticing myself getting a little tired of them, so I decided I needed a way to update them. In this economy, “shopping your closet” is definitely a key skill. But how would I do this? I know zilch about sewing and altering things. My “light bulb” moment happened when I thought of the little box of my great-grandmother’s brooches that I’ve been keeping on my jewelry shelf.

Beret with zebra brooch Pea coat with gold and pearl flower brooch
I really don’t see many people my age wearing brooches these days, but I don’t think that necessarily means that they are outdated and obsolete. My take is that you have to wear them with sharp, young pieces that no one would expect to see a brooch on. I wouldn’t wear a brooch with a cardigan and button down shirt–now that’s a look that screams granny. Aiming for contrasting color combinations, I put a brooch made of silver and crystals on the maroon beret and a gold and pearl one on the pea coat.I love the result and can’t wait to see what other creations I can come up with using old jewelry.

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