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Suede Zipper High Heel Boot ($22.99, www.gojane.com)GoJane.com is an online clothing and accessories retailer that should be part of any budget-conscious fashion lover’s arsenal. The shoes are, by far, my favorite thing at GoJane. If boots are your footwear of choice, let’s just say that you may never want to shop anywhere else again after you see the inventory at GoJane. I’m going to leave it at that and let you be the judge when you check it out. Stud Embellished Suede Finish Boot ($24.99, www.gojane.com)

The site also has some seriously fabulous deals on selected items–I want to say every week, but don’t quote me on that. This week, for example, you can get a long-sleeved V-neck t shirt for $4, some dressy tops in the $6-$14 range and sweater boots that look very similar to Cardy Uggs for $14.99.

So, have a look. This site is really a gem. I heard about it through another blog and have been hooked since.

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