Hair Extensions for Volume

So, today’s post is not a product review; rather, it’s me asking for your opinion and advice. Here’s the situation:

I’m dying to get hair extensions. I don’t want extensions for lengthening my hair, which already reaches pretty much down to my lower back. Instead, I’m looking for something that will give me volume at the top so that I can have that huge “va va voom” hair. Products like the BumpIt are great, but I’m looking for something a little more permanent that requires less styling each time I’m leaving the house.

Here is the type of look that I’m going for:

Jessica Simpson Beyonce

My options seems to be: clip-in extensions, which are less expensive, and the weave-in extensions (probably from the company Great Lengths), which cost around $500 from what I understand.

What I’d like to know is whether you’ve tried either of these solutions, what your experience has been and which you think would be a better investment? Looking forward to your feedback!

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