Herver Leger Bandage Dress Lookalikes: Take 2

You may remember my writing a few months ago about the gorgeous Herve Leger “Bandage” dresses. The cut is incredibly flattering and it comes in some many gorgeous colors! I pointed out that some brands have come out with their own Bandage dress imitations at prices much more favorable than those of Herve. Well, they are back! I was checking out the A’Gaci website a few minutes ago and look what I found! Simple and unembellished or sparkling with sequins–only $19.50 or $36.50. Too good to miss!

Sequins Back Banded Dress ($36.50, A'Gaci) Banded Fitted Dress ($19.50, A'Gaci)

Sequins Back Banded Dress ($36.50, A’Gaci)

Banded Fitted Dress ($19.50, A’Gaci)

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