Rock and Republic Stella Riddell Jeans

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Rock and Republic Stella Riddell Jeans ($240,

Rock and Republic Stella Riddell Jeans ($240,

Rock and Republic is, hands down, the first brand I check out when shopping for jeans. Every time I think that Rock and Republic’s latest denim design cannot be topped, a new and even better style comes out.

Case in point: I didn’t know that the company had redesigned its beloved signature “R” emblem until I saw the Stella Riddell jeans pictured on the left. The new bubble letters are a modern take on the curvier, half “R” that adorned the pockets the brand’s jeans for a long time. Combined with this neon green color, we’ve got a definite winner.

One of the pricier brands on the market, Rock and Republic offers superior quality denim. The proof–my very first pair still looks great after three years of constant wear and washing.

The Stella Riddell jeans are a must-have. The lower back tattoo–optional.

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

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  1. MAI says:

    My favorite rock and republic jeans are the ones with the skull design on the pockets.