Citrine by the Stones Jewelry: Perfect for All Occasions

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Sheba Wire Nugget Bangles ($198,

Sheba Wire Nugget Bangles ($198,

More and more, I find myself choosing simple jewelry pieces instead of ones with lots of intricate embellishments. One brand whose style embodies this “less is more” philosophy and has recently caught my eye is Citrine by the Stones. Read more

8 Affordable Items to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Summer

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With summer fast approaching, you can hardly contain your excitement over the upcoming beach getaways, leisurely strolls through the city and outdoor parties. With that said, how much should you spend on clothes that will suit all these occasions and the hot temperatures that the season throws your way? The following eight tips will guide you in choosing affordable summer pieces that require minimal maintenance and effort. As a result, you will be able to spend your time enjoying every last second of fun in the sun–instead of agonizing over the state of your closet and wallet. Read more