To a Fashion-Forward New Year!

Jump Apparel Women's Short Bubble Dress ($67.99, New Year, fellow fashion addicts! I wasn’t sure what my first post for 2010 would be until I saw these Jump Apparel ‘Short Bubble’ dresses on Overstock a few minutes ago. Gorgeous, right? I want one in each color! Because this is StealThisDress, what better item for us to kick off a new year of fashion with?

StealThisDress! is almost a year old now. Thank you to everyone who tunes in regularly to read my latest ideas on how to look like a million bucks while paying a lot less. If this is your first time visiting StealThisDress, I hope that you find it to be an interesting read and  join us again. Whether you’re a regular or a “one-off” visitor, I’m very interested in what you like and dislike about the site, as well as what type of content you’d like to see more of. So, please make use of our Contact form and give me your feedback!

Here’s to another year of “stealing” and splurging on stunning stuff!

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