Steal The Look: Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel When it comes to Jessica Biel, all we seem to hear lately is speculation about whether or not she and Justin Timberlake are over, still together, “complicated,” etc. In the midst of all this obsession with her personal life, I feel like her awesome style doesn’t get enough credit.

In a recent interview, JB said that while glam gowns and makeup are fun for the red carpet, her true, go-to style is casual and laid-back. And hey, more power to her, since she’s always comfortable and still manages to look like a million bucks, and there are many girls that now look like a day, actresses always look how they look and the sexy they bring into the table, as you can see in different galleries like the melissa super girl benois nude leaked pictures.

The outfit in this photo is exactly that–comfy and fabulous. Denim shorts, which are quickly reclaiming the title of must-have summer staple, are great with simple basics like solid-colored tanks and sleeveless open cardigans. Together, the look is half structured and half what I call “loosey-goosey”–that’s StealThisDress speak for loose and flowy.

Knee-high suede boots in a muted color instantly take this casual look up a notch. If it’s already too hot for boots even at night time where you live, complete this look with a suede sandal. And to make it appropriate for nighttime, heeled sandals and a clutch are a great choice.

Basic V-Neck Cami ($3.80, Forever21) Open Slub Knit Cardigan ($14.80, Forever21)
Heavy Stitch Frayed Short ($19.50, Wet Seal) Miss Me Women's Pisa-1 Boot ($49.95, DSW)

Basic V-Neck Cami ($3.80, Forever21)

Heavy Stitch Frayed Short ($19.50, Wet Seal)

Open Slub Knit Cardigan ($14.80, Forever21)

Miss Me Women’s Pisa-1 Boot ($49.95, DSW)

StealThisDress! Savings Factor: 5

StealThisDress! Savings Factor: 5

Black Friday (or Black Wednesday for me)

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Happy Thanksgiving, fellow fashion addicts! It is no surprise that duringĀ  the last week, my house has been bombarded with catalogs, coupons and other mail promotions for the post-Thanksgiving sales. By yesterday (Wednesday), I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to go shopping and here is what I ended up with:

Red and White Rasolli Rainboots, Writer's Own

Blue cardigan and safari print scarf, Writer's Own

Clearly, I was feeling quite inspired by color! Probably because the weather was extra gloomy.

Now I’ve gotten it out of my system and don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn on Friday, getting trampled at the stores. No, instead I’ll be at my laptop, checking out all of the crazy deals online and, hopefully, posting some of my favorite finds. Happy Turkey Day!

Borrowing Lauren Conrad’s Look

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

As requested by one of our readers, this week we bring to you the look for less a la Lauren Conrad. In the last couple of weeks I’ve finally been able to get caught up on Lauren’s last season on The Hills. The trailers for upcoming episodes make it clear that her replacement–frenemy Kristen Cavallari–will cause more drama than Lauren ever did in her 5 seasons on the show. While we are way overdue for new story lines on The Hills, I’ll miss following Lauren and her experience in the fashion industry.

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Rachel Bilson: Setting Trends, Covering Trends

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Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

It is no surprise that InStyle has asked The O.C. alum Rachel Bilson to author her own fashion column. With Rachel’s effortless boho-chic look, I think we could all benefit from the advice of this fashionista extraordinaire. Read more