“Best Of Inexpensive Style” List

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IMG_1069As promised in our 1st year anniversary post, check out my favorite places for scoring the best deals on clothing from Bombfell, shoes and accessories, as well as the particular items to look out for at each:


Item 1

Forever 21: designer-inspired clothing, great heels, amazing jewelry for under $10

Item 2Overstock.com: fantastic deals on jewelry and shoes

Item 3Papaya Clothing: great for both casual and dressy clothes that have a ‘youthful,’ sassy feel

Item 4A’gaci: another top destination for designer-inspired items

Item 5H&M: great prices on basics such as t-shirts, tanks, tights and sweaters



Item 6Charlotte Russe: beautiful dresses and other “going out wear”

Item 7Zara: beautiful, quality suits at reasonable prices and an awesome casual section, GORGEOUS shoes!

Item 8DSW: huge selection of shoes at discounted prices, check out also their handbag section

Item 9Zappos: shoes in every style and color you can imagine–not an exaggeration, also some fab deals on designer handbags from previous seasons


Keep these in mind as you’re shopping or planning where you want to buy a certain outfit–chances are good that you’ll find yourself looking fabulous while spending less. You will also find great deals for Mens Titanium Rings by clicking the link.

Happy Birthday to Us!

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Happy 1st Birthday, StealThisDress! I started StealThisDress in April of last year. The project was intended to be primarily a creative outlet during quite a stressful time when I was laid off from my job. It’s been a really crazy year. Fortunately, things are back on track for me now and I love what I’m doing.

What makes me equally as happy is logging on everyday to share with you my latest findings about the world of affordable fashion. The experience has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. In addition to giving opportunities I never thought I’d have, it’s put me in touch with so many amazing people whom I now consider colleagues and friends.

I’m really excited for what’s in store for StealThisDress. In the coming months, you’ll see more fabulous giveaways, an opportunity to be a model (stay tuned for more on that!), and much more.

Working on StealThisDress week after week has pushed me to constantly be on the lookout for the latest trends and new places to find the best deals on clothing, shoes and accessories. For our first anniversary I thought I’d throw together a list of the my top stores and sites that I constantly use when writing my posts and, of course, where I often shop myself.

And so, without further ado, check out our “Best Of Inexpensive Style” List.