Tie Bracelets

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Natasha Accessories Silk Tie Bangle Bracelet ($11.40, Dillards)

Tiger Jewelry

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Austrian Crystal Tiger Bracelet ($9.99, XOX Jewelry) David Aubrey Gold Tiger Bracelet, Writer's Own

Coin Jewelry

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Coin hoop earrings, Author's own

Grecian Coin Bracelet, $7.99

Grecian Earrings, $3.99 Silver coin necklace, Author's own

5 Instant Fashion/Beauty Pick-Me-Ups

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All women go through a style rut at one time or another. Many think that they have nothing to wear as they stare at a closet full of clothes, if you feel like that take a look at Fur Source to find new fur clothes. Others feel bored of their beauty routine and overall look. Some feel like they have no person or occasion to look good for.

The good news? You don’t need to go under the knife or get a $500 haircut to revamp your look. There are many simple yet effective things that women can do in order to feel great about their appearance, none of which need to involve spending big bucks. Read more

Yummy Dessert Jewelry

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Cupcake Charm Bracelet Cupcake Post Earrings

Ice Cream Pins

Juicy Couture Popsicle Charm

Will Work for Pianegonda Jewelry

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Confusion Necklace ($998, Pianegonda)

Confusion Necklace ($998, Pianegonda)

Yes, the necklace pictured on the left costs almost $1,000. What can I say? Pianegonda is one of my favorite jewelry designers of all time and this love of mine comes with a hefty price tag–literally.

Connection Rings ($250, Pianegonda)

Connection Rings ($250, Pianegonda)

Pianegonda’s line is divided into several themes. Examples include the keys, hearts and crosses combination featured on the ‘Confusion’ necklace and the circular elements that dominate the “Circle Light” and “Connection” collections.

There is something very futuristic in a lot of Pianegonda’s designs. Modern and abstract are the first words that come to mind, so don’t expect to find angel pendants or flower brooches in his collection. With that said, many of Pianegonda’s pieces are especially relevant in this year of geometry-inspired jewelry

At several hundred dollars a pop, rest assured that the quality of the work is superior, as it should be considering the price tag. Keep in mind also the fact that Pianegonda’s work has a unique look that is difficult to confuse with that of many other fine jewelry designers. In fact, my Pianegonda pieces are the source of more compliments, comments and questions than any other jewelry that I own.

Irregular Choice Bracelet ($465, Pianegonda)

Irregular Choice Bracelet ($465, Pianegonda)

No, this is not exactly recession-friendly jewelry. It is simply stunning jewelry. And such a splurge is exactly what you need sometimes. Even if it means putting the good old piggy bank back to use.

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

Citrine by the Stones Jewelry: Perfect for All Occasions

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Sheba Wire Nugget Bangles ($198, www.shopbop.com)

Sheba Wire Nugget Bangles ($198, www.shopbop.com)

More and more, I find myself choosing simple jewelry pieces instead of ones with lots of intricate embellishments. One brand whose style embodies this “less is more” philosophy and has recently caught my eye is Citrine by the Stones. Read more

Favorite Floral Accessories for Summer

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Silk Rose Hairclips ($2.50, Forever 21)

Silk Rose Hairclips ($2.50, Forever 21)

Where I’m living, summer is already in full swing. Everywhere I go, I see flower beds and blooming trees bursting with color. They remind me of all of the floral-themed accessories that are so popular right now. Read more

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