Essential Winter Clothing and Accessories

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SnowflakeIt may not feel like it here on the East Coast–where we have been lucky enough to have sun and temperatures in the high 60’s during the last two days–but winter is right around the corner. With all of the holiday parties and other events going on, don’t wait til the last minute to get the winter must-haves that any fashionista should stock her closet with. For more seasonal and fashionable clothes, buy mi clothing here.


Item 1A cozy knit sweater. Choose one in white; this traditional winter color is a great way to visually reduce the ‘bulk’ effect of chunky knits that help us stay warm.

Women's Open-Weave Sweater, Marshmallow White ($34.50, Old Navy)Women’s Open-Weave Sweater, Marshmallow White ($34.50, Old Navy)

Item 2

Tweed pants. This is a particularly wise choice for those who work in an office setting, since these stylish pants look great with dressy sweaters and blazers.

Tweed Trousers ($69.50, Gap)Tweed Trousers ($69.50, Gap)

Item 3A wool trench coat. For those of you who are put off by the word “trench”, just remember that we are essentially talking about a belted pea coat. Opt for one in traditional colors such as white, red and black or one featuring a pattern such as houndstooth or plaid if you really want to make a statement.

Wool Trench Coat ($34.99, Charlotte Russe)Wool Trench Coat ($34.99, Charlotte Russe)

Item 4A chunky scarf. Pashmina-style scarves are great but not always the best solution for really cold weather. If traditional, heavy knitted scarves give you flashback of your mother bundling you up when you were five, fear not. Wearing this accessory does not mean you must give up style. Just remember to stick with a dark, muted color palette.

Thermal Stitch Scarf ($39.50, Express)Thermal Stitch Scarf ($39.50, Express)

Item 5Solid gloves. It may be tempting to buy those thin, flimsy knitted gloves at $10 for 3 pairs, but think about the end of the season. These gloves will be dirty and coming apart at the seams, not to to mention that they rarely provide adequate protection against real cold. Invest in a suede or leather pair, which will not only look more sophisticated but also maintain its quality and appearance much longer.

Suede Gloves ($29.50, Gap)Suede Gloves ($29.50, Gap)

Item 6A beret. Wear your favorite pompom beanie for sledding or when walking to the gym, but pair dressy or work outfits with a beret. Knit Beret ($19.50, Gap)Knit Beret ($19.50, Gap)

Lucky Brand Scarves

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The time to bundle up and keep your neck warm is just around the corner for many of us. Here in the Northeast, the air is quickly becoming crisp and chilly. I have a meeting this afternoon and will definitely be wearing a light scarf.

If you haven’t been to Lucky Brand lately, they have some really fantastic scarves right now. Some are warm winter scarves, while others are made of lighter fabrics that will get you through the fall. Without a doubt, the first thing that stands out about Lucky’s scarves is their hippie-esque flavor. If boho-chic is your style philosophy of choice, then Lucky Brand should be your first stop. You can wear these scarves with casual jeans and a tee shirt or use them to top off warmer garments such as blazers and jackets with some much-needed color and pattern.

Yellow Ribbon Scarf ($65, Lucky Brand Jeans) Wallpaper Wrap Scarf ($69, Lucky Brand Jeans) Picnic Solid Wrap Scarf ($39, Lucky Brand Jeans)

Yellow Ribbon Scarf ($65, Lucky Brand Jeans)

Wallpaper Wrap Scarf ($69, Lucky Brand Jeans)

Picnic Solid Wrap Scarf ($39, Lucky Brand Jeans)