Sally Hensen Salon Nail Polish

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Sally Hensen Salon Nail Polish

Sally Hensen Salon Nail Polish

It is rare to go to a drugstore these days and not see Sally Hensen products in the nail polish section. From strengthening treatments to “hard-as-nails” color durability, the Sally Hensen line has a nail polish for every need. I recently tried one of her “Salon” polishes, which I didn’t even know I had, and was so happy that I did!

My nails are quite weak and are prone to breaking. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of polishes that promised to make my nails stronger but ultimately found that only a professional manicure could adequately protect my nails. Now I see why this Sally Hensen collection of polishes is branded under the name “Salon.” It was as if I’d had a salon manicure. I removed the color after about 5 days and was surprised to see that my nails looked much healthier and had grown.

If part of your “recession-tastic” plan to cut costs includes indulging in manicures less frequently, I highly recommend you try these nail polishes. I had trouble finding the exact price online but I do know that the “Salon” collection falls into the same price range of $6-7 like other Sally Hensen polishes. Not bad!

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

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