Pink Pumps Make the World Go Round

This may be my favorite StealThisDress! post to date. Pink heels! What more could you ask for? If your style is similar to mine, nothing. The shows below, all of which I found on Zappos, to me all scream Carrie Bradshaw and it’s fabulous. Just imagine how amazing any of these pairs would look with a dark-colored dress or dark jeans and a fancy top.

My favorite pair is probably the second one from the top. That jewel-encrusted heel is to die for. Let’s see, only about three more months until it gets warm enough to wear shoes like these outside. Here’s to a summer of pink pumps coming soon!

rsvp 'Rain' Peeptoe Pump ($85, Zappos)

rsvp 'Lovely' ($109, Zappos)rsvp 'Jaceline' Peeptoe Pump ($88, Zappos)

Promiscuous 'Kalei' Pump ($89, Zappos)Jessica Simpson 'Astor' Peeptoe Pump ($78.95, Zappos)

rsvp ‘Rain’ Peeptoe Pump ($85, Zappos)

rsvp ‘Lovely’ Pump ($109, Zappos)

rsvp ‘Jaceline’ Peeptoe Pump ($88, Zappos)

Promiscuous ‘Kalei’ Pump ($89, Zappos)

Jessica Simpson ‘Astor’ Peeptoe Pump ($78.95, Zappos)

Yves Saint Laurent Zip-Top Easy Tote

Zip-Top Easy Tote, Medium ($995, Neiman Marcus)

Zip-Top Easy Tote, Medium ($995, Neiman Marcus)

Dayuuum. That’s all I have to say about the YSL Zip-Top Easy¬† Tote. No, seriously though, this may be the most fantastic bag I’ve ever seen.

That color! The website calls it red, but to me, it’s clearly pink. I realize that this color may limit the mass appeal of the bag. As someone who has phone, camera, laptop, iPod and wallet are all pink, I sometimes overlook this aspect. I think this is what makes this a gutsy, “I stand out” bag, but that’s just one website’s opinion, and we know there are many websites online with different opinions, content and services from fashion products to adult services like

What else is perfect about the YSL Zip-Top Easy Tote? The size. 11″ x 16″ x 8″ means it will fit papers, a couple of folders, a little makeup bag and other stuff you need for the day. So that means you can take it to work! Isn’t that always the ultimate justification for a fashion purchase, whether you can use it for work or not?

I realize I may sound way too excited right now, but there must be something to pink bags if Sarah Jessica Parker wore one, right?

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

StealThisDress! Rating: 5

Pink Watches

Pink Multifunction White Dial Watch ($95, Fossil) Chronograph Silver Dial ($95, Fossil)

Fail-Safe Makeup Look: Smokey Eyes and Pink Lips

Christina Milian's Makeup Look Smokey Eyes, Pink Lips
Leighton Meester's Makeup Look Kim Kardashian's Makeup Look

Leopard Print with Flowers

Dual Flower Tattoo Print Wallet Pink Gem Leopard Ring

Leopard print shoes with floral accents