Flower Umbrellas

April 28, 2010 by  
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Um, how gorgeous are these umbrellas? I’m a firm believer in making every little part of your life beautiful–even something as utilitarian as an umbrella. I was never keen on the idea of spending $24 on an umbrella before but definitely had a change of heart when I saw these!

I can’t decide whether I like the pink or the white better! Which do you prefer?

Galleria White Daisy Stick Umbrella ($24, Walmart)


Croco Rainboots: Style for Rainy Days

February 16, 2010 by  
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Croco¬† rainboots are my new obsession. I think it’s a genuis idea to use a croco embossed texture, which we often see on designer handbags, on a functional shoe. It instantly gives the black rubber boots a touch of city-chic. I could easily see these croco boots with jeans and a cute cardigan, without worrying about how they affect the overall look of the outfit.

Croc Printed Rainboot ($38, Urban Outfitters) Women's Croco Embossed Rain Boots ($25, Walmart)

Croc Printed Rainboot ($38, Urban Outfitters)

Women’s Croco Embossed Rain Boots ($25, Walmart)