Wristlets: Every Partygoer’s Must-Have

I’ve suddenly realized how irritated I get every time I carry a purse when I’m out at crowded parties or clubs. Be it be a big clutch or a small shoulder bag, it gets pulled every which way each time someone brushes past me and gets in the way while I’m dancing. As a result, I am now a huge wristlet fan. These convenient “mini-wallets” as I like to call them provide just enough space for my credit cards, cash, ID and keys. Whether I use the strap to wear it around my wrist or put in my pocket, it doesn’t get in my way–cute AND convenient!

Kelly Wristlet ($40, Fossil) Melissa Wristlet ($40, Fossil) Sacha Wristlet ($40, Fossil)

Kelly Wristlet ($40, Fossil)

Melissa Wristlet ($40, Fossil)

Sasha Wristlet ($40, Fossil)

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